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WOGI Team Officers

Women Outreach Global International

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"WOGI is Building Spiritual Blocks for Beautiful, Better and Bountiful Families"

Prophetess Colenthia Wright, President
Prophetess Colenthia Wright is a profound preacher,
teacher, youth advisor, mother, wife, and anointed
women of God.
 She has vision, purpose and divine destiny.
Prophetess Wright is on the move for the Lord.
Moreover, she is a Prophetic Minister of
the gospel in Montgomery, Alabama.
She is Christian Counselor and a youth advisor.
 In like manner, she is an uplifting leader, friend, and an 
end-time prophet. Prophetess Wright is the daughter of
 Dr's Frank T. and Hurdis Bozeman.
The Lord has equiped Prophetess Colenthia Wright with
His message for such a time as this.
For conferences, preaching engagements
 teaching, and workshops you can contact
 Prophetess Colenthia Wright at:
Minister Michele Copeland, Vice-President
Minister Michelle is a profound and powerful teacher of the word. Moreover, she is a gifted and talented Woman of God, a wife, amother and a friend to those in need.
The Lord has given her a special calling for the youth and for hurting women. Minister Michelle is the Advisor for WOGI Youth Ministry. She is a blessing to the Body of Christ as a nurse, as an administrator, and as an anointed minister of the gospel.
To contact Minister Copeland for speaking engagements, teaching, preaching and conferences contact:
Prophetess Flowers is the Pastor and the Bishop armour bearer.
She is a powerful prophetic preacher, anointed teacher,
Christian Counselor, senior ministry worker, youth at-risk
Worker, a mother, and a leader for many women.
Moreover, she has the ministry of healing as a nurse and
a divine calling from God for the healing ministry. She is an
End-time harvest preacher with a prophetic message
for the Body of Christ.
You can contact Prophetess Flowers for preaching engagements,
teaching seminars, and conferences
Minister Felecia McBride, Secretary
Deacon James McBride, Administrative Assistant

Deacon James McBride is a man of God with vision, purpose and destiny. Moreover, he is a supporter of the Women in Ministry.
Also, he is a blessing to the body of Christ. He has given to the WOGI Ministry his time, talent and his seed offerings for many years. God has chosen him for such a time as this. He is in the vineyard laboring for the harvest.
Minister Felecia McBride is a woman on the move for God. She is a chosen vessel for the family, her church, her community and for the WOGI Ministry.
Praise Jesus!
Therefore, the Lord has give her the ability to teach and preach with clarity, effectiveness and conviction.
She is a God sent to the WOGI Ministry, GECCS and to her church family. Minister McBride is a profound and prophetic preacher/teacher of the word.
She is a Christian educator, and a graduate student with a degree in Business Christian Communication.
In like manner, she is continuing her education at Troy University and GECCS, Montgomery, Alabama. 
"What a mighty God we serve, angles bow before Him, and heaven and earth adores Him."
For preaching and teaching engagements please email Minister Felecia McBride at:

Pastor Yolanda Kelley

Pastor Kelley is an anointed,
awesome and profound Women of God.
The ministry that God has given her is for
such a time as this.
Moreover, she is the pastor of the Weeping Mary AME Zion Church, Montgomery, Alabama, a great teacher of the word, and a Christian Counselor. She is a wonderful youth advisor, a mother, a wife and a friend to many in the Body of Christ.
For speaking engagements, workshops, conferences, lectures and prophetic preaching Contact:
Pastor Yolanda Kelley at:

Pastor Sherri Davis
Pastor Sherri Davis,
Global Word Fellowship ATL
Pastor Sherri Davis is a profound preacher, 
 prophetic teacher, counselor, and business leader.
 Moreover, she is a wife, mother, grandmother and a friend.
The Lord has placed her as pastor at
 Global Word Fellowship, Atlanta, Georgia.
She is also the owner of J & S Catering Atlanta, Georgia.
Pastor Davis has a news letter that reaches accross 
the globe on the web.
In like manner, she is reaching the lost on facebook
and on Sherri Davis Ministries, INC.
Her motto is: " I can do all things through Christ that
strengthen me."
For conferences, preaching and teaching engagements,
Contact Pastor Davis at:
P. O. Box 230805
Montgomery, Alabama 36123